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Rarely have I been this glad to announce something new – but, on the other hand, rare have there been circumstances leading to something new that I am genuinely excited about! Since leaving Liberis a few months back I continued reporting on tech for various traditional and electronic media… but at the same time felt that I could do more in this field.

Original, quality content focusing on tech is not exactly abundant in the Greek Web, but even less so as far as home entertainment specifically is concerned. There simply was not a single source of information about tech at home used specifically in order to have fun: movies, TV series, music and video games are the obvious ways to do that nowadays, but there are so many different products, services and technologies related to those, that a well-defined market has emerged around them during the last few years. A market worth covering.

Well, there wasn’t a single source of information regarding that home entertainment market in Greece until today – because this need has finally been answered: Athinorama, the definitive city guide of Athens and arguably one of the most popular Web destinations in Greece as a whole, presents Athinorama Digital… led by yours truly!

I have been working as a contributing editor for Desmi Ekdotiki – the company owning Athinorama among other publishing titles – since 2001 and have enourmous respect for what they have achieved over the years. Not only have they built an editorial team second to none as far as cinema, theatre, wine, fine dining and travel are concerned, but they consistently prove to be one of the most influential publishers on a number of different levels despite their relatively small size as far as Greek publishers go. Furthermore, was one of the first truly important websites (traffic-wise and content-wise) in Greece, going back to September 2000. I’ve served as its tech editor since 2007 and, well, now is the right time to take this to the next level with Athinorama Digital.

Athinorama Digital is focusing on home cinema products and services, hardware and peripherals for PC, gadgets of all kinds and video games software and hardware – in other words in the home entertainment market and the personal technology market as a whole. The content offered will consist of news, commentary, interviews, reviews etc. as well as special features and shopping guides aiming at both educating consumers and helping them make informed choices among thousands of different products and services.

So! Hit or and take a look at what a handful of people have been up to all summer. We worked hard under the radar since the end of June in order to have this new portal ready in time for Q4 and the Christmas period. It wasn’t easy but we enjoyed every step of the way and we feel that this website will offer something unique and important to the Greek web.

Tell us what you think, let us know what we can do to make Athinorama Digital better… and we promise to look into everything and anything you suggest starting from January because the three previous months will be ultra busy for the home entertainment market and for us. For now, wish us much luck and many visitors. Both will be much appreciated!

Veteran journalist, tech nut, cynical gamer, music addict, book buff, movie maniac, wine lover. Will work for money, respect, excitement or interesting gifts.

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