Loving the (journo) life, leaving Liberis

Well, that was kind of quick for my standards… certainly quick compared to the 15-year run at Tegopoulos Publications. It took me less than 2 years to find out that doing full-time project management for a company that its image and actual value do not seem to align is pointless. Better for everyone involved, then, to leave Liberis Publications and move on.

Well, truth be told it took much less than two years for me to come to that conclusion. Sometimes, though, you have to let hope die on its own instead of choking it yourself. In the meantime you just do your best with the tools and resources you’re given, even if – deep down – you feel that it probably won’t make a difference. It’s called being a positive thinker, a fighter, a professional. Or just plain stupid, maybe?

Good thing I had my work as a journalist help me retain my sanity (let alone my place in the Greek market in general) during all this time. It seems to me that – cliche or not – reporting and commenting really is my true calling after all. Always knew it, to be honest, but facts often work like bricks: they have to hit you in the face in order to make acceptance stick. This one sure did.

A valuable lesson, then: no matter what other opportunity presents itself in the future, a journalist I’d better remain in some capacity. Not just for kicks, you know! Planning the next move, then, while continuing reporting in the media I currently do work for. It seems like this next move might not be far off, too…

Veteran journalist, tech nut, cynical gamer, music addict, book buff, movie maniac, wine lover. Will work for money, respect, excitement or interesting gifts.

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