Hello world!

Can’t have a new presence on the Web without a post in it telling you all about it, now can you? Something along the lines of what coders/hackers call a “Hello World” message, announcing they’ve reached functional/takeover state of a system. Well, for Farkonas.com that post is this very post, so… “Hello World”.

About time this website went live, of course. Not only was it long overdue, it was an inside joke of the friends of yours truly for years: “You know how it is, Kostas makes all kinds of stuff on the Web, just for… other people”. Well, no more. Farkonas.com is (a)live.

These words are written a few nights after I decided to leave the newspaper which made me the journalist that I am (Eleutherotypia – after 15 years no less). It was time to move on. I only have a hazy idea of what to expect from my next pursuit at Liberis Publications – the job description does not even mention journalistic skills… who would have thought? – but hey. Leaping forward into the unknown seems preferable to helplessly witnessing a series of disheartening events unfold and just sticking around to watch the inevitable outcome.

Reporting goes on elsewhere, of course, but – for now and probably the foreseeable future – project management it is. Off to new things. Over and out.

Veteran journalist, tech nut, cynical gamer, music addict, book buff, movie maniac, wine lover. Will work for money, respect, excitement or interesting gifts.

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